'When you look good you feel good, and when you feel good… who knows what can happen….”

                       - Greg Gilmore


Certain things happen to you in life depending on how you fell. When you feel bad it seems as if everything that can go wrong, does! Generally in that state of mind things turn out bad. When you feel good all kinds of positive and serendipitous happenings manifest. Feeling good attracts more good things to happen for you. Knowing this, it’s important to generate a positive attitude. Without one, life can get very dull very quickly. 

Keeping your spirits up can be hard for all of us at times and many would say that if you’re already in a bad mood, it can be difficult to change your mood from bad to glad. However, one of the best ways to have a quick shift in attitude is by enhancing your appearance! 

Changing your look can be an excellent aid in helping change your mood’s course and a visit to the salon is one of the best ways you can do that. Visiting your Cosmetologist could possibly cause your mind to shift its perspective and as a result may allow life to change in a positive way.

“Hair has the wonderful ability to change how a person feels and acts.  With a new attitude and a better focus, there’s a new experience and a better circumstance waiting for you.




Are you growing your Hair out? 

Your on, or about to embark on, a " Growing Out"  Journey. Growing your hair Requires patience and consistency. Once your on a healthy hair regimen, you have to be ready to undergo a period where you may not see immediate results or lots of hair growth. Apart of being on a journey is the part where you can't always know exactly what the destination will look like until your there.This road requires you to build a great since of confidence on your own so that the core of who you are that part of you that is going to be there rather your hair or makeup is done or not) is confident and grows to be strong.

Are you cutting your Hair off? 

When a person decides to cut their hair off, especially from medium or long to really short bob or pixie, they are going through a "Big Chop" journey. They are subconsciously seeking change in their lives and using the haircut as the catalysis for this change and newness  they seek . Sometimes we end cycles in our lives that usher in a sense of needing a change. We can also undergo something very big and significant in our lives rather positive or negative which also inspires us to change and desire a more bold or dramatic look for ourselves. 

Are you desiring to just  simply maintain your hair? 

Choosing to maintain your healthy hair or what I like to call,  a "Maintenance" Journey. This journey represents integrity and self-love. On this path that you are walking is a road of self care.  Say you have taken that Transitional Journey before and now you are on a journey of maintaining the work you've already done. When a garden is flourishing and growing abundantly it still needs love and care to maintain that healthy growth. Regular maintenance on your hair (garden) ensures that your hair can be strong and it will stay healthy.